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Intel and will.i.am = A "Cool" Pairing

Will.I.am was the front man for Black Eyed Peas, who broke up recently in October of 2011.  He has since started a car manufacturing company so he can produce jobs in the neighborhood he grew up in.  He has also started a solo music career that incorporates his new technology.  


In January of 2012 he took over as the "Director of Creative Innovation" at Intel.  His job was to make being a "geek" cool again.  He focused his recent performance on Jay Leno on his technological side.  He had six dancers behind him and all of them had computer screens covering their faces with his face on them!  While they were dancing it looked as though they were all lip syncing... it was awesome.


Here is the video, its worth at least a minute or two :) 



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