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When is "too old" for a dancer?

Edward Villella, founder and artistic director for the Miami City Ballet announced on November 13 that he would be stepping down from his long-time position.  It was clear (although not actually said by Edward himself) that he was forced out of his leadership role.  Some speculation was the he would retire.  He disputed that in an interview saying he feels great and has tons of energy even now at 75 years old.  




But this all begs the question... how old is too old?  75 years old is certainly past a persons prime, however he isn't dancing on stage or effecting the financial income of the ballet.  He is inspiring young dancers to push their own boundaries and bodies.  Its the same for all professional athletes, I guess.  Basketball players and football players are old at 30 or 33.  Unfortunately dancers are old at 25!  


So, for all you dancers out there past 25 ~ We say KEEP GOING!  You can always be involved in dance, even past 75 years old.  Your body may hate you :)  but the passion that drives you needs to be recognized.

Oscar Hidalgo for The New York Times

Members of Miami City Ballet at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami in January 2010.


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