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Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 3: Catering

If you missed the budget saving tips is Part 1: Setting Your Budget click here  or Part 2: Venue click here to catch up!

Your caterer will probably be the second largest part of your Fort Collins Wedding budget!  You will be feeding a large amount of people BUT you want it to be delicious.  Here are the top 5 ways to help keep your food fantastic and affordable.


1.)  Dessert Only Reception:  


Instead of providing an entire meal for your guests, what about dessert stations? Let them roam the reception area and take a little from each display.  Maybe a candy bar, a pie table, a chocolate fondue station with the freshest fruit!  This is a great way to have a more informal, cocktail party like reception and let your guests choose the best way to satisfy their sweet tooth.

If you go this route - be sure to let your guests know on the invitation!  Search for wording online to find a pretty way to say this.  ALSO- Be sure to set your ceremony later than normal so your guests have a chance to eat dinner before they attend the wedding so they don't leave because they are hungry!  Check with your venue on these details!


2.)  Heavy Appetizer Reception: 


Similar to the dessert only reception, this idea allows you to serve your guests food to keep them happy, but not serve an entire meal.  Its a light sampling of a few different appetizers so your guests feel like getting on the dance floor after the first dance!  Again this creates a cocktail party feel and less of a formal sit down dinner atmosphere.  Great for mingling and getting the party started right!  


If you go this route- check with your venue about details.  You can set your ceremony at a normal time since you will be feeding your guests, but keep an eye on the bar since people won't be getting a full meal.  


3.) Provide Your Own Apps


Some caterers will allow you to purchase food through them and provide appetizers on your own.  An assortment of check mix, peanuts, pretzels or even mints can be set out during the cocktail hour for your guests to munch on.  You can usually get these things in bulk at a store so it saves you time and money.  Also think about preparing your own fruit or veggie trays ahead of time and setting those out too.  It may mean a little more work on your end, but its a nice touch instead of scrapping appetizers all together because they are too expensive through the caterer!


4.) Restaurant Catering


Many restaurants offer catering for weddings.  Be sure to check with your venue to see if they allow this, but it is sometimes a cheaperoption that using a caterer who specializes in weddings and corporate events.  When it is a restaurant catering they are able to be more flexible alot of the time.  They can absorb more costs because they have a store front they can sell the product at.  A caterer who orders food for your event the week before and has no where else to use that food so you are usually locked into a minimum head count earlier.  If you have several guests who tell you last minute they can no longer attend you are out of luck.


5.) Seasonal Menu


The price of food can be astronomical.  One way to cut down on food costs is to choose menu items that are in season.  It ensures that your food will be fresh and delicious as well as easy to come by, therefore lowering the price.  If your caterer has to special order ingredients that are not as plentiful that time of year, you can bet you'll pay for it.  


Keep your eyes peeled for "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 4: Photography"



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