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Wedding Secrects to Save your Budget! ~ Part 4: Photographers

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Cheek to Cheek Choreography will help you save money on your fort collins wedding!  


Your photography is most likely to be high on your list of priorities for your wedding.  It will be the last link to your memories and help you recreate the day.  With that said, how do you capture that AMAZING first dance ;) without breaking the bank?  Here are our top 3 money saving tips:


1.) Get the rights!


Some photographers will sell you the rights to your photos in their package.  This is great because it allows you to print whatever you want from any photoshop.  You will want to get that in writing (as simple as an email) because some printers (Walgreens, Walmart...) will require a copy of that written consent. 


2.) Too Much Dancing!


You want your guests to dance the night away, but how many photos do you need of that really?  Most photographers package X amount of time and then can add hours al acarte .  You want to get the preperation photos, but you don't have to have them stay through the complete end of the reception.  If you have a great send off activity, maybe you do want to consider purchasing additional hours ~ but really send off activities are going by the way side as more brides and grooms want to stay and dance the night away with their guests.


3.) Next Best Thing!


Some photography companies have a "student" team.  These are usually better than hiring real students because these up and coming photographers have completed school and have been mentored by a more experienced team and learning under this companies name.  Usually they have a ton of expereince and are similar quality with less expense.



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