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"Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget!" ~ Part 2: Venue

(If you haven't read "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~Part 1: Setting Your Budget" yet, click here to catch up!)


So, you have fallen in love with a Colorado venue but you aren't sure if it is feasible with your budget.  Here are the top 5 ways to help you stay within your budget and get married at the venue of your dreams! 


1)   Weekday Weddings:


These weddings are a wonderful way to save your budget.  Concerned people won't attend or stay long?  Set your ceremony at 6:00 pm.  This allows your guests to get off of work, change clothes if needed and get to your ceremony.  Chances are if you are inviting someone to your wedding, you are important to each other - they will be there.  Also, a 4-5 hour reception is a decent length and pretty standard.  That means your guests can be headed home by 10:30 pm.  Not all THAT late on a weeknight.  Even if they decide to leave during the wedding music and head home early, they will have shared all the important traditions (toasts, cake cutting, first dance...).  Some people may even take a 1/2 day on the day of your wedding and a 1/2 the next day (only 1 total day off) so they can stay the whole night.  Most other vendors have weekday specials too - helping you to stay within your budget on all categories!


2.) Morning Weddings:


These are a great way to have a more informal Saturday wedding, without the full cost.  This also allows you the rest of the afternoon to plan additional activities.  Maybe you and the bridal party want to do dinner that night.  You could plan to open your gifts with family members after the wedding somewhere.  Any out of town guests can travel back home the same day if they need to.  


3.) Winter Weddings:


Romantic twinkle lights shinning on the snow, couples cuddling together: Winter weddings ooze romance!  These are a great way to really save some money.  Since most venues do the majority of their business in the summer, they are able to offer deep discounts to entice you to have a winter wedding.  A Saturday night can often be half the price.  Have a sleigh ride for your guests with the money you save on the venue!


4.) Discounts:


Here are a few discounts that many venues will give:  military, short-notice, smaller wedding size (75 guests or less usually), and discounted dates.  When venues have holes in their calendars they can offer special prices or upgrades as an incentive to fill that date.  Watch their websites as specials are updated often!


5.) Rental Items Included:


This may not seem like a huge savings, but if your venue includes rental items (tables, chairs, linens, place settings...) you can usually save a ton of money!  These items all add up.  If you need to rent forks for 150 people, lets say at .25 per fork, you are already spending $37.50.  Just for forks!  Think about knifes, plates, glasses, tables, chairs, linens, napkins.... it all adds up!  Tables and chairs are going to be anywhere between $2.00 - $10.00 each! This is an entire budget category that you can eliminate if your venue provides these in the cost of your venue fee. BE SURE TO BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT THEY PROVIDE!  Some venues offer a limited amount of rentals (only tables and chairs for example) so you will still need to rent all the other items.  


Keep your eyes peeled for "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 3: Catering" coming soon!



Photo of Tapestry House in Fort Collins, CO. ~ Photo taken by Bridget Pasquinzo

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