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The Legend Lives On

No matter how you feel about him personally, there is no denying his legacy in his professional career!  Michael Jackson is being immortalized in the newest Cirque Du Soleil tour named "The Immortal World Tour".  Laurie Sposit, the Master Choreographer, can remember to this day how her father would not buy her a red leather jacket like Michael's in "Thriller".


She is helping to produce just that, a thriller!  It is a $60 million production that includes more than 60 dancers per show.  Some of the songs included are "Billie Jean", "Scream", "Black or White", "Smooth Criminal", "Dangerous" and course..."Thriller".  The tour started in Montreal and will eventually land in Las Vegas with a full time home there.  


This show should be experienced by everyone.  Even if you started to fall off of his bandwagon, in his death remember how much he has given to our world.  This will be one emotional roller coaster for people!




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