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"Daily Dose of Dance" Blog

Cheek to Cheek Choreography


Growing up as a dancer, The Alvin Ailey Company was everywhere!  It was epitome of mind-blowing dancing and everyone wanted to head to New York to try their luck! 


"Revelations" was their most successful show, by far, and that ran in the 1960's.  They have had some amazing dancers but the shows weren't as legendary or well known.  Now in his first year at Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Robert Battle, Artistic Director, has put out a show with incredible audience reaction.  It was choreographed by Ohad Naharin and it is called  "Minus 16".


The dancers come out into the crowd to pick guests to come on stage.  They dance to a children's Passover song and eventually they start to strip down to undergarments.  They chant and dance and eventually they end up in the audience, with a slightly creepy demeanor, and chose audience participants. 


This dance company, in a tough economic time, has managed to fill all of their 2,250 person center seating for five weeks straight going into 2012!!  This is the newest "can't wait for performance" ~ Guess I need to figure out which city we will be traveling to to see it :) 






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