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Is Your Dad/Mom Reluctant to Dance At Your Wedding?

Two of the sweetest traditions at a wedding are the father/daughter and mother/son dance.  Its a tribute to the people who raised you and helped to guide you to find each other.  However, they are also the most feared of the traditions.  Think about it, no one breaks into a cold sweat thinking about cutting the cake!


Here is how to solve your parent's dancing jitters.  Here are two sure fire ways to make sure your dad will shake his groove thing with you:




Sure you want everyone to hear the beautiful lyrics to "I Loved Her FIrst" because of the story...  however, ask a professional if there is a way to shorten the song you have chosen.  Most times there is a way to cut out at least a minute or two without damaging the storyline.  Usually by deleting a repeating chorus or two, or the verse in the middle so you still get the "bookended" story.  Editing wedding songs is something that Cheek to Cheek Choreography can do for you, even if you don't want to take dance lessons.  




If you can't get papa over the thought that everyone will be staring at you two, offer to add the mother/son dance at the same time.  There are lots of gender neutral wedding songs that would be appropriate for both sets of children and parents.  This also shortens the slow dance list for your guests to watch as well.  It lets you get to the open dancing quicker at your Fort Collins wedding.  We have a list of songs prepared if you ever want to look at it, just leave a comment below and we would be happy to shoot you some ideas.  Just be sure its OK with your new mother-in-law that she and her son are sharing the spotlight.    


Cheek To Cheek Choreography couple, Heather and her father Paul dancing to James Taylor "How Sweet It Is".  


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