"Daily Dose of Dance" Blog

"Daily Dose of Dance" Blog

Cheek to Cheek Choreography

Everyone does it differently, but in the end...we're all the same :)

This video is our feel good moment of today!  This just goes to show you, no matter how you do it, its all good!  Dance your heart out, even if you feel silly because ultimately, we all reap the positive benefits of dancing. 


Such a cute video that shows the universal appeal of dance and why its such a tradition to dance at weddings.  It shows the joy and triumph, as well as the culture and heritage that your dancing celebrates.  Don't be shy, regardless of your age, gender, social status or anything else... a good dance can make you feel better.  Even if you have never had dance lessons, even if it's not the ballroom grace from "Dancing With the Stars", even if the songs are unknown......



Enjoy this first look at why we all dance!  (Thanks mom for sharing this dance link!!)  


If you have a dance link, wedding related or not, that you would like me to share, pass it along!  We all need a little dance in our day!


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