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"Daily Dose of Dance" Blog

Cheek to Cheek Choreography

Everyone does it differently, but in the end...we're all the same :)

This video is our feel good moment of today!  This just goes to show you, no matter how you do it, its all good!  Dance your heart out, even if you feel silly because ultimately, we all reap the positive benefits of dancing. 


Such a cute video that shows the universal appeal of dance and why its such a tradition to dance at weddings.  It shows the joy and triumph, as well as the culture and heritage that your dancing celebrates.  Don't be shy, regardless of your age, gender, social status or anything else... a good dance can make you feel better.  Even if you have never had dance lessons, even if it's not the ballroom grace from "Dancing With the Stars", even if the songs are unknown......



Enjoy this first look at why we all dance!  (Thanks mom for sharing this dance link!!)  


If you have a dance link, wedding related or not, that you would like me to share, pass it along!  We all need a little dance in our day!


Is Your Dad/Mom Reluctant to Dance At Your Wedding?

Two of the sweetest traditions at a wedding are the father/daughter and mother/son dance.  Its a tribute to the people who raised you and helped to guide you to find each other.  However, they are also the most feared of the traditions.  Think about it, no one breaks into a cold sweat thinking about cutting the cake!


Here is how to solve your parent's dancing jitters.  Here are two sure fire ways to make sure your dad will shake his groove thing with you:




Sure you want everyone to hear the beautiful lyrics to "I Loved Her FIrst" because of the story...  however, ask a professional if there is a way to shorten the song you have chosen.  Most times there is a way to cut out at least a minute or two without damaging the storyline.  Usually by deleting a repeating chorus or two, or the verse in the middle so you still get the "bookended" story.  Editing wedding songs is something that Cheek to Cheek Choreography can do for you, even if you don't want to take dance lessons.  




If you can't get papa over the thought that everyone will be staring at you two, offer to add the mother/son dance at the same time.  There are lots of gender neutral wedding songs that would be appropriate for both sets of children and parents.  This also shortens the slow dance list for your guests to watch as well.  It lets you get to the open dancing quicker at your Fort Collins wedding.  We have a list of songs prepared if you ever want to look at it, just leave a comment below and we would be happy to shoot you some ideas.  Just be sure its OK with your new mother-in-law that she and her son are sharing the spotlight.    


Cheek To Cheek Choreography couple, Heather and her father Paul dancing to James Taylor "How Sweet It Is".  


As Promised! Rachel & Eric First Dance

As promised here is the video for Rachel and Eric's first dance from their fort collins wedding.  For those of you who don't know the bride arranged and SANG her very own wedding song!  It was so sweet and endearing.  We loved the idea and you're going to love the ending!


Thanks to Rachel and Eric for allowing us to be a part of your very special day.  We are so happy for you two!




Best Father/Daughter Dance!! Rachel and Richard...

Recently we were honored to help one of our friends Rachel and her father Richard.  They told everyone they were taking dance lessons, but they were setting their family up for surprise.  Rachel's grandparents chuckled when her father mentioned dance lesons, but it was the two of them that had the last laugh!  Their fort collins wedding dance was a huge hit!  The wedding songs they picked were super fun and awesome.


You both were amazing!!  So excited for you both and very proud :)  Stay tuned for Rachel's first dance too, also a sneaky surprise.... coming in the next post.



Rachel's Father/Daughter dance at her wedding, at Ellis Rach (Loveland, CO)


Best Pole Dance Ever!!

Ok, so up front... NO NUDITY in this video post.  However, it is a pole dance.  Nothing too suggestive but I know it can be controversial, so fair warning.  


Not a post about fort collins weddings this week, but still a fun dance post!  Not to mention one of my absolute favorite songs, always makes a good song for weddings.  


Hands down the most talented pole dancer I have ever seen!  The strength, flexibility and talent of this dancer can not be questioned or degraded because of anyone's personal feelings on her profession.  Seriously, she's an amazing dancer so watch her!!




Wedding Secrects to Save your Budget! ~ Part 4: Photographers

Click on the words to catch up with Part 1: Budget, Part 2: Venue, or Part 3: Catering!


Cheek to Cheek Choreography will help you save money on your fort collins wedding!  


Your photography is most likely to be high on your list of priorities for your wedding.  It will be the last link to your memories and help you recreate the day.  With that said, how do you capture that AMAZING first dance ;) without breaking the bank?  Here are our top 3 money saving tips:


1.) Get the rights!


Some photographers will sell you the rights to your photos in their package.  This is great because it allows you to print whatever you want from any photoshop.  You will want to get that in writing (as simple as an email) because some printers (Walgreens, Walmart...) will require a copy of that written consent. 


2.) Too Much Dancing!


You want your guests to dance the night away, but how many photos do you need of that really?  Most photographers package X amount of time and then can add hours al acarte .  You want to get the preperation photos, but you don't have to have them stay through the complete end of the reception.  If you have a great send off activity, maybe you do want to consider purchasing additional hours ~ but really send off activities are going by the way side as more brides and grooms want to stay and dance the night away with their guests.


3.) Next Best Thing!


Some photography companies have a "student" team.  These are usually better than hiring real students because these up and coming photographers have completed school and have been mentored by a more experienced team and learning under this companies name.  Usually they have a ton of expereince and are similar quality with less expense.



Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 3: Catering

If you missed the budget saving tips is Part 1: Setting Your Budget click here  or Part 2: Venue click here to catch up!

Your caterer will probably be the second largest part of your Fort Collins Wedding budget!  You will be feeding a large amount of people BUT you want it to be delicious.  Here are the top 5 ways to help keep your food fantastic and affordable.


1.)  Dessert Only Reception:  


Instead of providing an entire meal for your guests, what about dessert stations? Let them roam the reception area and take a little from each display.  Maybe a candy bar, a pie table, a chocolate fondue station with the freshest fruit!  This is a great way to have a more informal, cocktail party like reception and let your guests choose the best way to satisfy their sweet tooth.

If you go this route - be sure to let your guests know on the invitation!  Search for wording online to find a pretty way to say this.  ALSO- Be sure to set your ceremony later than normal so your guests have a chance to eat dinner before they attend the wedding so they don't leave because they are hungry!  Check with your venue on these details!


2.)  Heavy Appetizer Reception: 


Similar to the dessert only reception, this idea allows you to serve your guests food to keep them happy, but not serve an entire meal.  Its a light sampling of a few different appetizers so your guests feel like getting on the dance floor after the first dance!  Again this creates a cocktail party feel and less of a formal sit down dinner atmosphere.  Great for mingling and getting the party started right!  


If you go this route- check with your venue about details.  You can set your ceremony at a normal time since you will be feeding your guests, but keep an eye on the bar since people won't be getting a full meal.  


3.) Provide Your Own Apps


Some caterers will allow you to purchase food through them and provide appetizers on your own.  An assortment of check mix, peanuts, pretzels or even mints can be set out during the cocktail hour for your guests to munch on.  You can usually get these things in bulk at a store so it saves you time and money.  Also think about preparing your own fruit or veggie trays ahead of time and setting those out too.  It may mean a little more work on your end, but its a nice touch instead of scrapping appetizers all together because they are too expensive through the caterer!


4.) Restaurant Catering


Many restaurants offer catering for weddings.  Be sure to check with your venue to see if they allow this, but it is sometimes a cheaperoption that using a caterer who specializes in weddings and corporate events.  When it is a restaurant catering they are able to be more flexible alot of the time.  They can absorb more costs because they have a store front they can sell the product at.  A caterer who orders food for your event the week before and has no where else to use that food so you are usually locked into a minimum head count earlier.  If you have several guests who tell you last minute they can no longer attend you are out of luck.


5.) Seasonal Menu


The price of food can be astronomical.  One way to cut down on food costs is to choose menu items that are in season.  It ensures that your food will be fresh and delicious as well as easy to come by, therefore lowering the price.  If your caterer has to special order ingredients that are not as plentiful that time of year, you can bet you'll pay for it.  


Keep your eyes peeled for "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 4: Photography"



"Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget!" ~ Part 2: Venue

(If you haven't read "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~Part 1: Setting Your Budget" yet, click here to catch up!)


So, you have fallen in love with a Colorado venue but you aren't sure if it is feasible with your budget.  Here are the top 5 ways to help you stay within your budget and get married at the venue of your dreams! 


1)   Weekday Weddings:


These weddings are a wonderful way to save your budget.  Concerned people won't attend or stay long?  Set your ceremony at 6:00 pm.  This allows your guests to get off of work, change clothes if needed and get to your ceremony.  Chances are if you are inviting someone to your wedding, you are important to each other - they will be there.  Also, a 4-5 hour reception is a decent length and pretty standard.  That means your guests can be headed home by 10:30 pm.  Not all THAT late on a weeknight.  Even if they decide to leave during the wedding music and head home early, they will have shared all the important traditions (toasts, cake cutting, first dance...).  Some people may even take a 1/2 day on the day of your wedding and a 1/2 the next day (only 1 total day off) so they can stay the whole night.  Most other vendors have weekday specials too - helping you to stay within your budget on all categories!


2.) Morning Weddings:


These are a great way to have a more informal Saturday wedding, without the full cost.  This also allows you the rest of the afternoon to plan additional activities.  Maybe you and the bridal party want to do dinner that night.  You could plan to open your gifts with family members after the wedding somewhere.  Any out of town guests can travel back home the same day if they need to.  


3.) Winter Weddings:


Romantic twinkle lights shinning on the snow, couples cuddling together: Winter weddings ooze romance!  These are a great way to really save some money.  Since most venues do the majority of their business in the summer, they are able to offer deep discounts to entice you to have a winter wedding.  A Saturday night can often be half the price.  Have a sleigh ride for your guests with the money you save on the venue!


4.) Discounts:


Here are a few discounts that many venues will give:  military, short-notice, smaller wedding size (75 guests or less usually), and discounted dates.  When venues have holes in their calendars they can offer special prices or upgrades as an incentive to fill that date.  Watch their websites as specials are updated often!


5.) Rental Items Included:


This may not seem like a huge savings, but if your venue includes rental items (tables, chairs, linens, place settings...) you can usually save a ton of money!  These items all add up.  If you need to rent forks for 150 people, lets say at .25 per fork, you are already spending $37.50.  Just for forks!  Think about knifes, plates, glasses, tables, chairs, linens, napkins.... it all adds up!  Tables and chairs are going to be anywhere between $2.00 - $10.00 each! This is an entire budget category that you can eliminate if your venue provides these in the cost of your venue fee. BE SURE TO BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT THEY PROVIDE!  Some venues offer a limited amount of rentals (only tables and chairs for example) so you will still need to rent all the other items.  


Keep your eyes peeled for "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 3: Catering" coming soon!



Photo of Tapestry House in Fort Collins, CO. ~ Photo taken by Bridget Pasquinzo

Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget! ~ Part 1: Setting Your Budget


This series "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget!"  assumes that you have put together a budget.  That is step number 1.  While many people are uncomfortable talking about money - it is imperative that you know what you can spend in each area.  


So bite the bullet and talk to family members and your fiancé to see what a realistic number is for your Fort Collins wedding.  Once you have that total amount, make a list of all of the things you will need to spend money on.  Here are just some ideas, and remember these are categories so they may break down into many purchases.  You may decide you don't need all of these at your wedding but here are some basics:


Attire (including dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, tux rental...)

Beauty (hair, makeup waxing...)


Rentals (tables, chairs, linens, place settings)

Invitations (thank yous, RSVP cards, envelopes, postage...)

Flowers (ceremony flowers, centerpieces...)


Caterer (liquor, appetizers...)

Cake (topper, groom's cake...)




First Dance Lessons :)

Decorations (guestbook, photo displays, slideshows...)


Don’t let all this information overwhelm you!  All the small purchases within a category will be easier to digest when you have a total amount allotted to that category.


Once you have a complete list of the things that you will need to purchase, number the categories starting with Number 1 being the most important to you and the last number being the least important.  That way you know what you are willing to spend more money on.  Photography may be worth more money to you than the cake.  Once everything is numbered, assign amounts to each category and the total should be equal to your total budget!


We know this sounds too simplistic, but we PROMISE this will help you to save your money in the long run, what do you have to lose?  Doing step number 1 can't hurt!  


Keep your eyes pealed for "Wedding Secrets to Save Your Budget!" ~ Part 2: The Venue coming soon!


Fun Dance Gift!!

You're probably thinking about a ballet skirt, leotard or a fun bag to carry ALL of that gear in.  Instead this fun dance gift is edible!


It's dance pasta!  For my birthday my mother sent it to me as one of my gifts.  It was such a delight.  The three designs in the pasta are a ballerina, a tutu and a pointe shoe.  It would make a fun gift for any age ballerina without having to break the bank. 


Thanks mom, for always being so supportive of my passion.  I love you and wanted you to know that I will pass on this small joy.  After all, it is you who taught me that life is all about following your passion!! :) 

"Don't Stop Me Now" Flashmob

Women in Israel joined together this month to spread a message!  They created a flash mob to Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" and danced in the town square of Bet Shemesh.  This was a reaction to an ultra-orthodox man who spit on a schoolgirl who was 8 years old.  There has been a recent insurgence of harassment of women that are not dressed conservatively.  This was their way of standing up and letting the world know that they are done being controlled by ultra-orthodox perspectives.  


We wish these 200+ women the best in their fight for more gender equality.  Raising awareness is the first step and Cheek to Cheek wants to help!  Again, dancing allows a non-violent way to get their message spread!  How versatile this sport is that we all love!



ABDC Season 7 - BODY POETS are going to WIN

Ok, Ok, so we know they are are starting additions soon - but one of the crews to watch will be the Body Poets.  From San DIego, CA.  they are an eclectic group of dancers who have spent years perfecting their craft.  


I would know, I actually used to dance with some of them :)  I have seen the years and hours of work they have put into becoming the group that they have.  We wish them all them all the best and know in our hearts that they ARE America's Best Dance Crew!!  


Like them on Facebook and Follow them (and us of course :)) on Twitter for updates and videos!



The Legend Lives On

No matter how you feel about him personally, there is no denying his legacy in his professional career!  Michael Jackson is being immortalized in the newest Cirque Du Soleil tour named "The Immortal World Tour".  Laurie Sposit, the Master Choreographer, can remember to this day how her father would not buy her a red leather jacket like Michael's in "Thriller".


She is helping to produce just that, a thriller!  It is a $60 million production that includes more than 60 dancers per show.  Some of the songs included are "Billie Jean", "Scream", "Black or White", "Smooth Criminal", "Dangerous" and course..."Thriller".  The tour started in Montreal and will eventually land in Las Vegas with a full time home there.  


This show should be experienced by everyone.  Even if you started to fall off of his bandwagon, in his death remember how much he has given to our world.  This will be one emotional roller coaster for people!




Don't worry, they will still have to "fight for their life'!

At a recent adution in Atlanta for "So You Think You Can Dance", Nigel Lythgoe announced that he will be making the show a little more fresh this coming season.  While he continues to court expaning styles of dance on the show, he also has decided to do away with the "Results Show" each week.  He claims to want people to focus on the dancing more, andin order to do so he has eliminated the need to watch over two nights.  


Even with these changes, he says he loves the "dance for your life" concept that requires the two lowest scored dancers of the week to compete in a head to head dance off, judges choosing the winner.  Lythgoe is using some of the fan's critiuqes from social media sites, like Twitter to reformat the show.


What are you waiting for, get out there and tell him what you want to see different this coming season! 




Kayla Frails, 18, from Aiken, S.C., in Atlanta with hopes of becoming a professional dancer. JOHN SPINK, JSPINK@AJC.COM





Growing up as a dancer, The Alvin Ailey Company was everywhere!  It was epitome of mind-blowing dancing and everyone wanted to head to New York to try their luck! 


"Revelations" was their most successful show, by far, and that ran in the 1960's.  They have had some amazing dancers but the shows weren't as legendary or well known.  Now in his first year at Alvin Ailey Dance Company, Robert Battle, Artistic Director, has put out a show with incredible audience reaction.  It was choreographed by Ohad Naharin and it is called  "Minus 16".


The dancers come out into the crowd to pick guests to come on stage.  They dance to a children's Passover song and eventually they start to strip down to undergarments.  They chant and dance and eventually they end up in the audience, with a slightly creepy demeanor, and chose audience participants. 


This dance company, in a tough economic time, has managed to fill all of their 2,250 person center seating for five weeks straight going into 2012!!  This is the newest "can't wait for performance" ~ Guess I need to figure out which city we will be traveling to to see it :) 






Intel and will.i.am = A "Cool" Pairing

Will.I.am was the front man for Black Eyed Peas, who broke up recently in October of 2011.  He has since started a car manufacturing company so he can produce jobs in the neighborhood he grew up in.  He has also started a solo music career that incorporates his new technology.  


In January of 2012 he took over as the "Director of Creative Innovation" at Intel.  His job was to make being a "geek" cool again.  He focused his recent performance on Jay Leno on his technological side.  He had six dancers behind him and all of them had computer screens covering their faces with his face on them!  While they were dancing it looked as though they were all lip syncing... it was awesome.


Here is the video, its worth at least a minute or two :) 



To Change or Not To Change?

These costumes, which were originally designed to honor Australian Aboriginals, had the opposite effect.  The Austrialian Aboriginals were outraged at this representation.  The Russian Ice Dancing team decided to change their original coustumes to avoid offending anyone.  However, Aboriginal groups also claimed that they felt te music and dance were also offesnive since they had nothing to do with Aboriginal cultre or traditions.  The Russian pair has decided not to chage the routine or the music, so at that point do you change your costume?  You're going to offend people either way.... why not just keep your original creative vision in tact?  Or did they do the right thing by at least making a small effort to show the Aboriginal groups that they were really trying to be nice. 



Christmas Cop Dancing!

Here is one way to spread your Christmas Cheer.  He was dancing for an hour and a half each day through Christmas Eve.  He has been retired from the police department since 1989 but they swore him in as a part time officer so he can get out there and direct traffic in Rhode Island each year!  This is too much fun!  Just another example of how everyone can dance... anywhere!



Our American Ambassador

We couldn't have picked a more perfect ambassador for Russia!  David Hallberg has been asked by the Bolshoi Theater to join the Russian ballet.  The first american ever!!  David id splitting his time between Russia and New York's American Ballet Theater.  His first Russian performance was in "Sleeping Beauty" and he got amazing reviews.  The second performance came around and in the beginning he sprained his ankle in a turn!!  He completed the entire performance and didn't stop dancing until after the curtain call.  Then he took two weeks off to heal and made it in time for the "Colbert Report".  


In the past when we have combined forced with Russian dancers, it has always been Russian dancers defecting to the United States during the cold war.  First was Ruldolph Nureyev in 1961 and then again in 1974 with Mikhail Baryshnikov.  The United States used these defects as huge propaganda for victory in the Cold War.  David is very aware of this tense history and is adamant about bei


ng a responsible and amazing ambassador for America.  


Such a young talent, and so rare to find one who follows their dreams in the face of so much adversity.  He is a shinning example of what can happen when you put your mind to it!! 

Christmas Wishes!

Can't help myself...  Wishing everyone a happy holiday season and Merry Christmas!!  :)





Dance Fusion in Las Vegas

What do you get when you combine Irish dancing and Flamenco dancing?  The newest, hottest dance show to hit the stage in Las Vegas, NV.  It is a representation of how the Spanish and Irish cultures came together through history and how they retained their individuality, but also took on qualities of each other. 


There are lots of colors, movement and percussion in this performance.  The first show started on December 12th and runs at the Flamingo Casino-Hotel through January!  If you are in that neck of the woods in the next month or two, we really recommend this highly energized routine!!




Boulder Choreographer to Receive Grant Money

We always knew there was a lot of talent in our state of CO.  One lady, Michelle Ellsworth, won a $50,000.00 grant for her "art".  She is a self-proclaimed "dancer, choreographer, video maker, writer, cartoonist and web designer".  With all of these titles, she says she wishes she could buy sleep credits with her grant money.  :)  We hear you Michelle!

Congratulations to our fellow dancer.  Here's to many more inspiring routines to come from her.


Photo courtesy of Michelle Ellsworth

"Objectification Cabbage"

The Non-Traditional Nutcraker Versions

The Nutcracker, on average, can produce as much as half of a dance companies yearly budget!


 In order to continue bring people to the theater and buying tickets some companies have decided to mix up the traditional ballet. There is a "Chocolate Nutcracker" that represents a multicultural version of the story.  She magically travels to several different countries in this version.  There are rock versions with crazy wigs, and only 7 minutes of ballet total!  There are even athletic versions where the toy solider war is replaced by a football game!  


Whether you go see the traditional Nutcracker or the burlesque version, support your local arts and go see ANY version of it this holiday season!  The Nutcracker runs longer than most other productions thorugh the year, so there aren't many excuses!!




TV Show reflecting America's love for Dance

Shows like "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "Dancing With the Stars" have shown an increase in dancing in the United States.  USA Dance, Inc. is a nonprofit dance organization that reported a 35% rise in the number of people taking ballroom dance lessons and attending ballroom events!  35% is huge considering how many people that equates to.  


One of the things that Mary Murphy (a frequent judge on "So You Think You Can Dance?" and studio owner) is attributing to the jump in dancing participants is the need for physical and social interaction in todays society.  Her theory is that people just NEED that connection these days with so much of our lives lived online.  She works with elementary aged children and she claims that although they often fight it, within a short amount of time, their teachers claim to see a drastic improvement in their school work and behavior! 


Just goes to show you how good dancing is for you at any age! Even if you're a child or an adult who is just looking for some fun excersie.  Just one of the many reasons we love dancing here at Cheek to Cheek Choreography!


No Excuses!

Sometimes it feels like it is impossible to find a place to go dancing!  It's either the wrong style of dance, not a good time of the evening, or no one else wants to go the same night!  Well fear not, this website fixes all of your problems!  Here you can search by dance style, location or day of the week and they have all of the days covered with some sort of dancing lesson/event.  So check it out and support a small business locally... Hey, dance gift cards make a great holiday gift too!!  Otherwise brush up on your steps for the holiday parties coming up :)  We'll see you on the dance floor! 





Thanksgiving Tornado!

Hello All - It has been a while since my last blog entry.  Sorry, I think Thanksgiving just snuck up on me. :)  We at Cheek to Cheek just want to let everyone know how thankful we are that they are in our lives.  From friends and family to co-workers and couples, we have been blessed to spend time with so many wonderful people this year!  Especially thanks to our couples!!  For allowing us the opportunity to get to know each of you and for letting us participate in your wedding!  It is an honor and a privilege to be able to help in this very special time of your lives.  You allow us to do what we love, and that is dance!  Wishing everyone and their families a very safe and warm holiday season.  Let the countdown to Christmas begin!!!! :)

Our new "Chalkboard Wall"!!  Such a fun kitchen accessory!



Dancer Exchange? Who wants to travel??!!

As I reminisce about all of my dance friends that have scattered far and wide, I realize thats not necessarily a bad thing!   Who wants to travel to Australia or even London and take classes from some renown teachers?  OH OH ME, PICK ME!!!


Wouldn't it be great to travel the world and see the different cultures, styles and trends?  Would you go overseas with your girls in your dance class?  Maybe we should start an exchange program.  Send dancers to New York for a week and have the New York dancers come here....


Is this just my nostalgic musings, or would anyone really want to do that?  Oh, the wheels are starting to turn. :D





When is "too old" for a dancer?

Edward Villella, founder and artistic director for the Miami City Ballet announced on November 13 that he would be stepping down from his long-time position.  It was clear (although not actually said by Edward himself) that he was forced out of his leadership role.  Some speculation was the he would retire.  He disputed that in an interview saying he feels great and has tons of energy even now at 75 years old.  




But this all begs the question... how old is too old?  75 years old is certainly past a persons prime, however he isn't dancing on stage or effecting the financial income of the ballet.  He is inspiring young dancers to push their own boundaries and bodies.  Its the same for all professional athletes, I guess.  Basketball players and football players are old at 30 or 33.  Unfortunately dancers are old at 25!  


So, for all you dancers out there past 25 ~ We say KEEP GOING!  You can always be involved in dance, even past 75 years old.  Your body may hate you :)  but the passion that drives you needs to be recognized.

Oscar Hidalgo for The New York Times

Members of Miami City Ballet at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami in January 2010.


Thanks for "Showing" Up

Thank you to all of the couples who attended the Estes Park Wedding Association Bridal Show today.  We had an absolute blast and are very excited to be working with some of you!  We appreciate that you braved the light snow (and the cold) to join all of us.  We all hope that you found exactly what you were looking for... and then some :)


One lucky winner received this awesome "Planning Pack" from Cheek to Cheek Choreography, to help her with her upcoming process!  Congrats to that lucky couple on their engagement and on the prize. 


It was a gift card to Starbucks (so she could treat her girls to a planning meeting), a gift card to Barnes & Noble (so she can keep up on the magazines and planning guides) and lastly she also got a visa gift card for any last minute purchases that always inevitably pop up!


Dance Legend Dies


Annabelle Lyons died November 4th, 2011.  She was 95 years old.  
Annabelle originally joined George Balanchine's first American Ballet  in 1935!  She later joined  Ballet Theater (which is better known today as American Ballet Theater).  She was the fist dancer to ever perform the role of "Giselle".  
After her career in Ballet Theater she danced on broadway from about 1945-1947!  She was a true professional who's work covered several different styles.  
She is survived by her son.  Her graceful performances will live on in the hearts of little ballerinas everywhere. 
The photo to the right is of Annabelle Lyons and Dimitri Romanoff in 1941.

Louis Mélançon


Happy Veteran's Day

Thanks so much to all the veterans out there!  We should be thanking you everyday, not just today on a holiday.  My family has a long history of serving our country and I'm sending a special thanks to my grandpa, papa, big brother, and my many friends.  I have seen the sacrifices first hand, and know the toll your selflessness can take.  
In reading up on some of the history of this holiday, I ran across this article.  I wish I was in school still because I think "Taking a Veteran to School Day" is such a great idea!!
We aren't clear about who really said this (although it is sometimes attributed to M. Grundler), "It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you." 
Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines.....we at Cheek to Cheek Choreography salute you all!! 

Surprise your bride with her very own FLASH MOB!!!


Who dosesn't want to be the best maid-of-honor?  What better way to surpass all other friends than to surprise your bride with a flash-mob all her own?!!!
Cheek to Cheek Choreography can help you do just that.  Contact us to see your song choices and we will give you a password portected link to email to all of the guests.  Guests can watch the You-Tube tutorial at their lesuire - and once at the wedding, they will all be prepared for the big surprise! 
Just imagine, DJ puts on a great song and the bride says to you, "AWW I love this song".  When all of her guests start to dance at once... how can she not love it all the more!  It will just go to show how excited everyone is to celebrate her big day with her, and show her how much you love her and appreciate being there by her side every step of the way!

Julie WIlson Photography - California


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